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5 transferable skills to help you land a career in tech

Check out the skills you need to help you land a career in tech.

Leadership skills

Great leadership skills are important in many industries, including tech.

In the tech industry, having the ability to lead a team effectively to deliver a project successfully is vital. Whether it’s developing a key piece of software, or successfully working together as a team to solve technical problems, leadership skills with brilliant experience will look great on your CV.

Suggested tech careers: Project Manager or Team Leader

Interpersonal skills

Not all tech careers require you to sit behind a screen all day.

That is why having interpersonal skills are so important as you will need to be able to work confidently as part of a wider team and work with others effectively.

Whether you are working on the backend, testing, UX or anywhere else, having interpersonal skills are a must.

You may have colleagues that are part of the wider business that are not familiar with technical terms. This means you will have to simplify your tech talk to make sure you all work collaboratively.

So, if you do have good experience working in a team, your skills will be in demand. Especially if you back up your skills with examples in the application and interview process.

Suggested tech skills: Tech Support or Agile Coach

Problem solving

Problem-solving is a key skill in many tech roles. If you would like to become a Software Engineer and you are developing a new website, you will need to use your problem-solving skills to solve different scenarios such as broken code.

To get these skills across in your CV, use real-life experiences when you have solved a problem successfully and what impact it had on the business.

Suggested tech skills: Developer or Data Analyst

Time management

Meeting deadlines is essential in almost every role in the tech industry.

Whether you want a role that is in-house or if you want to be a freelancer, you need to have good time management skills to make sure project deadlines are met.

Use examples of when you have had to hit deadlines and what you did to make sure these deadlines were met.

Suggested tech careers: Coding, Scrum Master


Being able to think creatively applies to many different key areas in the tech industry. From software development to designing wireframes, right through to thinking of clever ways to code.

To stay ahead you must be able to think of innovative ways to deliver the latest piece of tech.

Suggested tech careers: UX, UI, Software Developer


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