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7 tips to start a career in digital marketing

Looking to start a career in digital marketing? Check out our tips today.

Create an online presence

When you are looking to create a career in digital marketing make sure you have an online presence especially on social media sites such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a brilliant tool to use when you kick-start your career as you can search for job opportunities and network with other digital marketing professionals that could help you land your future job. Not to mention, recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn daily so you could even get headhunted for an entry-level job opportunity.

Make sure you know the latest trends

If you want a career in digital marketing you need to make sure that you always know the latest trends as the world of digital marketing is always constantly changing. Attend virtual seminars, take online courses and do your best to stay ahead of the game.

Use your creativity

Digital marketing is built on creativity and content that really captures your audience’s attention. If you have an idea that you think would be successful, give it a go. The more creative you are the more likely you will get noticed and land your dream job. It is also important to remember, if an idea doesn’t work, don’t worry. Instead, learn from it and keep it in mind for the future by working out why that particular idea didn’t work out as well as you thought it might.

Create a winning CV

Before you start applying for jobs, make sure you have a killer CV that really shows how valuable your skills are. Read the job ad carefully and use statistics if you can to really stand out from the crowd.

Get experience

The world of digital marketing is highly competitive, so you need to make sure you do all that you can to really get noticed by hiring managers and recruiters. Gain experience through apprenticeships, internships or relatable side projects that will give you plenty of skills and real experience to start applying for long-term digital marketing jobs.

Get trusted certifications

Certifications are a great way to show hiring managers that you are really serious about starting a future in digital marketing. You can get certified in many different free courses such as HubSpot, Google Digital Garage and more. There are so many courses to choose from so you will be spoilt for choice and they will look great on your CV.

Be prepared for entry-level jobs

When you look for your first job in digital marketing, remember to be realistic. No one is going to start at the top in any career, no matter how much training, skills and experience they may have. However, it is important to remember that as soon as you get your foot through the door, with hard work you can really achieve anything.

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