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7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Digital Marketing CV

22 Sep, 2020
The world of digital marketing is highly competitive. When you are applying for a digital marketing role you need to make sure that your CV stands out from the crowd.

If you are currently looking for a new digital marketing role, take a look at our simple tips on how you can improve your digital marketing CV today.

1) Tailor your CV to the company and role that you are applying for

This tip sounds simple. However, there are many people that do overlook the fact that you should never adopt a one size fits all approach to any job application. Not tailoring your CV can have a damaging impact on your application as your CV will not show that you have actually taken the time to do your research.

Before you send your digital marketing application, ask yourself these questions:
How do I fit the job criteria?
What can I add to my resume that is unique to this role?
How can I structure my CV, so my skills and selling points are prioritised most effectively?

2) Use quantitative data to highlight your achievements

As a digital marketer, you should always use quantitative data to demonstrate your skills and you should list your results to show the hiring manager what impact you had on your current/previous digital marketing role.

For example, if you are applying for an inbound marketing role, rather than adding a point like this:
I created landing pages to generate leads.

You should add something like this:
I created over 10 landing pages with an average submission rate of 36%, generating over 1300 leads over the course of 12 months.

Including quantitative results in your CV is the best way to get your CV noticed.

3) Add links to your work

To validate your achievements, you should add hyperlinks and examples of your work to your CV. Adding links to your CV will not only demonstrate digital marketing practices but it will also show the hiring manager or recruiter that you deliver results. 

For example, in your CV if you stated that you created a blog based around a Christmas campaign that performed 57% better than similar posts then previous years, make sure you add a link to your blog post so that the recruiter can see your talent for themselves. Adding examples of your work is also great evidence to validate what you have written in your CV is legit.

4) Include awards and certifications

Make sure you include all your relevant awards and certifications clearly in your CV as this will demonstrate your knowledge and it will help your CV stand out from other job applicants.
Awards and certifications will strengthen your CV straight away as hiring managers will have an instant trust in your abilities. Certifications also show a potential hiring manager that you are willing to learn and evolve within your sector.

5) Showcase your personality

When hiring managers are looking for their perfect candidate, they want to see potential in the candidate as well as their expertise. Recruiters and hiring managers only spend around 6.25 seconds scanning a resume, so you should do all that you can to let your personality shine through. 

To understand the company culture, you should look at your prospective employer’s social media channels and blog posts to get a feel for the company in terms of tone and style. Adopt that style in your personal statement to show the company that you would be a great fit for their team and that you have taken the time to do your research.

6) Simplify your education section

Is your education section taking up the vast majority of your CV? If it is, it might be time to make some changes. Only add information that is relevant to the job that you are applying for. Remember to add professional awards and certifications that could help your application stand out from the crowd.

7) Format your CV wisely

To make sure your CV stands out while remaining credible, it must be easy to read and clearly formatted. To make sure your CV is easy to read, you should break each section to small digestible paragraphs split into bolded subsections. 

Adding some colour to your CV is fine, but make sure your main text is black and any colour you do use on your CV should be subtle, so that the reader does not get distracted from the content. Same goes for fonts, make sure you use a font that is easy to read as hiring managers and recruiters will scan your CV first to see if you are suitable for the role. 

Good luck with your search! If you would like any help finding your next digital marketing role, please get in touch with us on or 01604 201030.

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