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How to prepare for a video interview

16 Mar, 2020

As video interviews are being increasingly more popular it is vital that you are prepared.

Take a look at our top tips on how to prepare for a video interview today.

1) Prepare your surroundings

When you prepare your surroundings for an interview make sure that you choose a quiet space that is tidy where you can make sure that you can keep focused. Choose a location that has good lighting and a neutral background so that the hiring manager can see you clearly during the interview.

2) Dress for success

When you are deciding what to wear for a video interview make sure you wear the same outfit that you would wear to a face-to-face interview. Being professionally dressed will also put you in the right mind-set for the interview ahead and help you keep focused. If in doubt, always ask your recruiter or the employer directly on what you should wear. What you wear to an interview will leave a lasting impression, so it is important to get it right and dress for success.

3) Avoid any potential interruptions

Make sure you remember to turn off your mobile phone and any background noise that could be disruptive as you want the interview to go smoothly as possible.

4) Look at the camera

Focus directly at the camera not the screen during a video interview. Making eye contact in your interview is crucial. It not only portrays that you are a confident person but it also gives the impression that you are really listening to what the interviewer has to say. Also, remember to smile and show your enthusiasm!

5) Practice

Before your video interview make sure that you do a trial run to make sure that all your equipment is working as you do not want to be flustered before the interview.

It is important to remember that video interviews should be treated the same way as face-to-face interviews. Just remember to practice and stay focused. If you would like any more details on how to prepare for a video interview, contact us today.

Good luck!

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