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Office 365 is becoming Microsoft 365 with new features for the same price

01 Apr, 2020

Microsoft has officially announced that Office 365 will be getting a rebrand as of April 21 2020, where it will become Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 will include a range of new features and two additional apps for you to enjoy for the same price!

Check out some of the new features below:

Microsoft Editor is currently used for spell check. It let’s you know if you have used a word too frequently and it makes language suggestions by using AI to get a feel for your writing style. For 2020, Microsoft Editor will now become even more advanced. The software will now be able to detect unintentional bias language and suggest words or phrases that can be swapped. Also, for students it will have a built-in plagiarism detector that will make sure that students properly cite sources before submitting their work.

Another awesome feature of Microsoft Editor is that it will be moving beyond just Word. You will now be able to use it as a browser extension in Outlook to make sure that you use the best form of writing for your content such as blogs, social media posts and much more.

In Excel, Microsoft 365 users will be getting a new Money feature. The Money feature will allow you to keep track of your finances in the classic Excel format. You will also be able to sign into financial institutions that will allow Excel to import data. That’s not all, the new feature will keep you even more organised by allowing you to create a monthly spending chart so you can see your habits and budget accordingly.

Outlook will also be introducing a new solution in calendars that will allow you to organise your personal and work schedule in one place. You will now be able to import your personal account like Gmail and view it in line with your work calendar. This can be useful when you want to plan your day, especially during COVID-19 where most of us are working from home.

These are just a few of the big features that will be arriving soon with Microsoft 365 on April 21 2020. In the preparation of the new rebranding, you will be happy to know that you will not have to do a thing! All your product services, apps and features will all stay in the same place, for the same price.

Later this year Microsoft will also be introducing Family Safety and Teams for Consumers.

Family Safety will be Microsoft’s version of Apple’s Screen Time. It will work across a range of devices such as Windows, Xbox and Android platforms. The new Family Safety feature which will be introduced later this year will allow you to see what the people in your family are doing on a particular device where you will have the ability to set limits for apps accordingly. You will also be able to set content filters by age which will allow you to block specific websites or even certain games on Xbox.

Teams for Consumers will be Microsoft’s version of Slack. Teams for Consumers is a messaging app that will include productivity features within group messages which will allow you to organise and send files such as PDFs, word docs, spreadsheets and photos. This may be useful for organisations as the messaging app will allow you to make to-do lists for your colleagues with ease.

There are a wide range of exciting features that Microsoft 365 is yet to announce. So, keep an eye out for more key features that will be arriving soon!

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