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CV swaps that will get you noticed

These simple CV swaps will enhance your chances of getting hired.

Move your skills to the top of your CV

Research shows that recruiters and hiring managers spend 6-8 seconds reviewing a CV before they decide whether a candidate is suitable for the job being advertised. This is why it is so important to have all your key skills listed at the top of your CV so the hiring manager can see straight away why you would be the right candidate for the role.

Don’t forget your keywords

Make sure you add keywords to your resume as recruiters often use software that looks for specific words or phrases that relate to the job ad to find candidates.

The best way to make sure you use the keywords hiring managers and recruiters are looking for is by looking at the specific job ad and seeing what language they have used. Implement these keywords and phrases throughout your CV.

Quantify your achievements

Instead of listing all your job responsibilities, highlight your key achievements instead. Where possible use supporting figures to really stand out from the crowd and capture the recruiter’s attention.

Use short bullet points to really demonstrate the value you added to your current company.

Ditch unnecessary information

Always try to keep your CV to two pages. Remove unnecessary information such as a headshot of yourself, your full address and your date of birth. You only have two pages to really sell yourself so make sure you use your space wisely and avoid too much fluff and weak action words.


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