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Does your CV pass the 7 second test?

When you are applying for new roles, you don’t have long to impress. Studies have shown that recruiters and hiring managers spend somewhere between 5 and 7 seconds on average looking at a CV. Here are our tips on how you can pass the 7 second CV test.

Keep it short

When you write your CV make sure you keep it short and precise. Two pages is normally ideal but it does all depend on how much information you have to share. Do not write a CV that is more than three pages.

Ask yourself this question, is this sentence relevant to the role that I am applying for? Also, when you add your qualifications be specific. Add start and end dates, qualification types and grades. Remember, you don’t have to add every qualification you have gained, only the ones that are relevant to the job that you are applying for.

Capture the reader’s attention

Tailor your CV to include relevant examples showing why you would be right for the role. Match your CV to the job spec and show the hiring manager or recruiter that you are a good match. Tailoring your CV will also show the recruiter that you are dedicated and have really taken the time to work on your application.

Use an easy to navigate layout

For a successful CV, you need to make sure you use an easy-to-read structure.

You can make sure your CV is easy to read by:

  • Using clear headings
  • Highlighting key points by using bullet points
  • Placing emphasis on the information you want employers to see first
  • Making sure you use a logical order throughout

Use stats

Stand out from the crowd and use stats to back up your key skills.

Use real examples such as ‘I increased revenue by X’ sounds a lot better than simply just saying that you are a hard worker. Think of real-life achievements that you can use in your CV to make it sound less generic.



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