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Good answers to job promotion interview questions

How to prepare for five of the most common internal interview questions for a job promotion.

Why do you think you would be right for the position?

A big mistake to avoid is to simply say, “because I deserve it”. Instead, you should show all you have achieved in your current role and how you have had a positive impact on the business. Bring data to prove what you have already accomplished and explain you have got even more to offer the company. Explain you are ready for your next challenge and why you would like to develop with the company even further.

If we promote you, how will you deal with colleagues that got passed over for the job?

If you are looking to become the manager of your former teammates you need to make sure the transition is smooth. Describe how you will meet with your colleagues on a one-to-one basis to discuss the change. Find out each of your team members career goals and create a plan that will help them achieve these goals. This will help you build good working relationships.

If selected for the position, what would your leadership style be?

Demonstrate your capability of becoming a manager. Let the hiring manager know how you plan to keep employees engaged, as well as your approach to rewarding and recognising hard work. How will you help employees that are underperforming? By having a solid answer to this job promotion interview question you will be showing the manager you have what it takes to progress to that next step of your career as a leader.

What challenges have you overcome in your current role?

Every job has its own challenges. Explain how you have faced obstacles in your current role and what you did to overcome these challenges. Remember it’s okay to talk about times you failed if you learnt something from it.

What kind of pay rise are you looking for?

You don’t want to undercut yourself for a promotion, but you also don’t want to say a salary that is so high you won’t be considered for the raise as it’s out of budget. The best approach would be to find out the budget for the promotion and then ask for a reasonable raise.

If you can’t find out that information, ask the interviewer what their best offer would be.

Example: “I expect a salary that is consistent with current employees at the same level. I think I can be a great asset to the position, and if you agree, I would love to hear your offer”.


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