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How to get headhunted

Tips on how to get headhunted.

Build your network

One of the best ways you can build your network is by having a great LinkedIn profile that contains all the information a headhunter or hiring manager is looking for.

Your profile should include the following:

  • Profile picture
  • Job title
  • Information about yourself
  • Key skills
  • Achievements
  • Certifications
  • Recommendations

Raise your profile

To improve your visibility you should not only use LinkedIn but network using different methods. Try to find a mixture of networking events such as seminars and conferences that are relevant to your sector. This is a fantastic way to meet people that have similar interests to you. Be prepared to share your thoughts and participate in conversations to get noticed.

Get involved in LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn has numerous groups that relate to many different sectors, specialisms and interests. Join the groups that are of interest to you and participate in discussions to get your name out there. Make sure you answer questions, contribute to debates and share your thoughts and insights.

Read and comment on blogs

Make sure you engage with relevant content. The more people you interact with the more chance you have of getting headhunted. Social media rewards active participants, so make sure you are one of them.

Connect with recruiters

Recruiters use LinkedIn daily, so make sure you connect with recruiters that specialise in the sector you want to work in. They may have the ideal job opportunity waiting for you already, or they could simply give you some tips on how to get noticed and what they look for when they headhunt candidates.


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