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Latest UI/UX trends

5 UI/UX trends that are having a huge impact this year.


As UI/UX is moving towards simplicity and minimalism, glassmorphism has got increasingly popular. It’s the newest trend in UI, which is mostly based on an effect called background blur which creates that ‘through the glass’ look and feel on elements.

Big Loud Typography

There are lots of examples of big loud typography playing the main role in a design of a product, as it can be just what you need to get people’s attention. The typeface chosen can often be quite extravagant but it often is just as aesthetically pleasing as something more traditional.

Abstract Geometry

Abstract art that has lines, shapes and angles has always been a popular style. Brands like using abstract and geometric art designs as it’s refreshing and captures attention without distracting users.

3D Imagery

3D imagery is here to stay. Especially as it’s getting easier for UI designers to create 3D imagery. Designers often add 3D elements to 2D photos to create depth that brings out more details than flat photographs.

Voice User Interface

As tech continues to change the world, voice user interfaces are taking over to create a new way to interact with our phones through voice commands to be more practical.


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