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Reasons why you should never accept a counteroffer

Should you stay or should you go? Here are the reasons why you should never accept a counteroffer.

Nothing changes except your salary

Before you accept a counteroffer, think carefully about why you wanted to leave in the first place. Only 12% of employers resign due to money, so make sure you think carefully about whether a pay increase would be enough for you to stay with your current employer as the chances are there are some underlying issues too.

Damaged employer relationships

The fact that you have been looking for a new job will most likely break the trust between you and your current employer. Especially, if they think you only stayed for more money. This ‘lack of loyalty’ may also limit your future progression with the organisation as your manager may now have doubts whether they can rely on you.

Will things really change?

On average, around 80% of those who accept counteroffers start their job search again within 3 months. This is due to many reasons such as feeling undervalued, the opportunities to progress are not there or you might be treated differently since you handed your notice in. If your current employer still does not address the issues, you originally had, you will eventually start looking for a new job again.

Job security

If you accepted a counteroffer and, in the future, your employer needs to make redundancies, you are more likely to be on the top of their list. This is due to the fact you already wanted to leave and may not be seen as loyal or committed to the company as other employers.

Great opportunities come from stepping out of your comfort zone

You might feel comfortable with your current employer, but it is important to remember stepping out of your comfort zone can make you achieve great things. Your new company may offer better career development opportunities or simply offer a new challenge where you get to learn new skills.


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