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The 5 biggest mistakes job seekers make

The 5 biggest mistakes job seekers make when searching for a new job.

Job searching without a plan

When you are looking for a new opportunity, make sure you don’t send your CV to every open position that interests you. Instead, map out a plan and target the companies that you really want to work for. Read the job specifications carefully and see if the role is what you are really looking for.

Submitting a one size fits all CV

Do not use the same CV for every job opportunity. Instead, customise your CV for every position and compare the keywords that are used in the job ad to your application. Customising your CV will help the recruiter, or a hiring manager match your skills to the skills they are looking for and increase the chance of your CV getting noticed. Using keywords will also increase the chances of your profile being found on LinkedIn as recruiters use the specific skills they are looking for as keywords to find suitable candidates.

Not using your online presence

LinkedIn is one of the best tools for job seekers to find a new opportunity. Make sure you make the most of this platform by letting people know you are looking for a new opportunity if you can. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, build your connections and engage.

Being unprepared

When you have an interview. The most important thing you can do is prepare to give you the best chance of securing that new role. Make sure you research the company you are interviewing at, learn about the person that will be conducting your interview and if you can practice tough questions. In an interview, speak about your experience clearly and confidently.

Not following up

When you attend an interview, make sure you follow up with a simple email to thank the individual for their time. This will allow them to remember you and it will also demonstrate your interest in the job.


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